David Kelly recording vocals

This is a picture from our tracking session Prairie Sun Recording outside San Francisco. We had a great time hanging out for 2 days and laying down vocals. Check out the album on itunes.


Tracking Jon Jobs vocals

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Paul Stephens Album off to mastering

David and Producer Derek Williams just finished mixing on Paul Stephens newest untitled album due out this summer. You can check out Paul at http://www.paulstephensmusic.com.

Watch David’s next album recorded live

How do you record an album in 3 days?

Join us for a live webcast and watch the entire process live on the Internet. Join Paul Stephens from Faith Community, producer Derek Williams (who partnered with worship leader Tommy Walker for over a decade), and the band as they collaborate together on Paul’s second album.


Divine Attraction Mix

David just finished recording and mixing Divine Attraction’s new self titled album on August 20th, 2008. It was released for sale on September 12. You can get your copy by clicking here DIVINE ATTRACTION.

This was the first album mixed in our new mix room and we are very happy with how they turned out. Check back for the latest mixes by David.